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For green and blue colours in case of ordering more than 30 sq/m
pay 5000 AMD for 1 square meter

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Installation of French stretch ceilings

The installation of ceiling is fast by our specialists, without wastes and pollution of the apartment.sometimes it does not even need to move the furniture. Usually the stretch ceilings are being posted 2-3 cm below the main ceiling, and when there is also a wish to install the point- lights in the ceiling,so it is posted a little bitter depending on the type and size of the lights. Let’s notice that the other types of suspended ceilings are being posted 5-15 cm below from the main ceiling. And in this case the height of the ceiling is not affected, moreover, due to its qualitative features visually make the area larger.

For a successful installation of French stretch ceilings, it is desirable the walls to be repaired and equal. The Stretch ceilings are not being spoilt of toy gun shootings, champagne stoppers and other heavy blows.
By the way, about the lights. ANZ company imports also the latest since already 2 years has imported lightings LEDs. By them it provides a lighting design, for example starry sky is montaged, lighting effect designs are made.
The indescribable beauty of these lights is not the only virtue.
Our 10 years’ work experience and successful cooperation with the individuals and organizations in the Armenian market comes to dispel all your fears. We are not afraid of saying, that if you can find a case, when during the years the quality our work had fallen, please call and inform us about it.We would want to know about the similar cases too and make clear weather our guaranteed quality had had negative changes. We claim, that the time does not affect negatively on the quality of the Franch stretch ceilings. And just so we surpass the most.

ANZ company invites architects,designers and designing managers for an active cooperation. We offer mutually beneficial conditions and flexible pricing policy for everyone. The employees of ANZ company are always ready to assist with their high qualification. Addressing to our specialists, you will have an opportunity to expand your work area, and we will achive new clients and colleagues. ANZ company is interested in collaborating with creative and responsible people who wish to work by modern and high quality product.