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For green and blue colours in case of ordering more than 30 sq/m
pay 5000 AMD for 1 square meter

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LED chains

We represent modern lighting systems, which are an excellent alternative or supplement addition for the lumineries existing presently and applicable everywhere. Open up a wide attractions of design for you. For that a particoloured LED chain is considered to be a fine achivement, which allows to receive any shade of color. Unlike the other lamps, which are used in the known lumineries, the LED chain does not require a change of light source.The huge time of their use ,about 50 thousand hours, allows you to install the lighting and no longer worry for the components to be changed. You just should enjoy the atmosphere of a wonderful enlightenment. And this is not the only advantage. The use of LED chain is significantly reduces the consumption of energy.The illumination of this type allows you to save the electricity up to 90 percent. 
Unlike incandescent lamps, the LED chain dissolves low temperature being turned on, which allows to install them in a very narrow and bad breezzing areas. Due to the unique structural solution of this lights, LED chain is easily being installed without special tools.
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