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For green and blue colours in case of ordering more than 30 sq/m
pay 5000 AMD for 1 square meter

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Suspended ceilings

Suspended ceilings have been used in construction since 1960s .The use of suspended ceilings had only one main purpose: to hide imperfections on a ceiling and building infrastructures, such as electrical wires and pipes. In later years suspended ceilings became required ingredients for fashionable offices and apartments. They make the interior unique, contribute to the equal distribution of light.Due to them, acoustics balance is kept and extra noise disappears.

These advantages of suspended ceilings can not leave the builders and designers indifferent. They started to use suspended ceilings in any interior, giving them interesting color and lighting solutions.

Later, stretching ceilings came to replace suspended ceilings. Though stretching ceilings were similar to suspended ceilings in their use, they have several advantages.

The installation of stretching ceilings carried out more quickly, without causing construction debris and dust. During the installation of stretching ceilings, there is no need to move the furniture. In the case of installing the suspended ceilings the height of the room decreases to 10-12 cm, in the case of stretching ceilings to 2-3 cm. Stretching ceilings do not absorb moisture. That is why in swimming pools and baths they are used.