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For green and blue colours in case of ordering more than 30 sq/m
pay 5000 AMD for 1 square meter

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- If there are sewings on the ceiling weather they are opened during the time, or not ?
- You can be sure that these sewings are not opened during the time .We should also note ,that the necessary materials for the ceiling gradually began to be produced widerly on which ,of cours, will be less sewings up to 3.7 meters broadways.

- Weather the colours of ceiling wear or not ?
- Over the years in the room everithing can be worn from the paint of the walls ending with splashy and worn bottom and the French streatch ceilings stay as they are maintaining their initial look and shine.

- Weather during the time the ceiling material becoms weaker and overhangs ?
- Of cours no.Tou can also be quiet as in these ceiling material do not come gathers.

- Is it possible to use these ceilings also outdoor ?
- Yes ,there were many cases ,that we have installed the stretch ceilings outdoor in the external territories.They do not lose their look and quality.And the most important fact is that the material does not spoil of temperature fluctuation.

- Weather the drops of moisture remain as a trace ?
- These ceilings are water-resistant ,do not penetrate into the material and water drops can leave their marks streaamingover it ,but that trace is washed easily with water and cleaning liquids.