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For green and blue colours in case of ordering more than 30 sq/m
pay 5000 AMD for 1 square meter

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French stretch ceilings in Armenia

  "ANZ" company is famous in Armenia for already 15 years. It is engaged in the import and installation of French stretch ceilings and LEDs. French stretch ceilings, offered by the company, are the products of internationally known PONGS company. This French company is the founder of production of stretch ceilings and today continues to remain the leader in that market. "ANZ" company offers you, French certified, premium-class stretch ceilings, installation of which is possible to implement any design idea and have a unique view of apartment.During these years, we have fulfilled hundreds of exceptional works, have accumulated vast experience, due to which an undisputed high level authority has been achieved.

The French materials installation is carried out by superior professionals, most of whom work since the day of company founding and the evidence of which quality is the ANZ company's 15 years’ uninterrupted activity.

Speed, professionalism and punctuality, and here "ANZ" companys pledge of success. Trust our experienced professionals and we guarantee flexible implementation of design and project of any complexity.

LED strips


"ANZ" LLC presents 9.6W and 14.4W powered linear LED lights. (LED STRIP) 9.6W Led light is 960 Lumen, 6000-6500 Kelvin andthe 14.4W LED light is 1440 Lumen, 6000-6500 Kelvin in one linear meter. The capacity can be checked by special measuring tool. The factory warranty is 50 000 hours and we guaranty 6 years of life (our office works by 24 hours schedule for more than 10 years). The chips of Linear LED are produced in Taiwan. 9.6 W LED has 35/28 and 14.4W LED.
50/50 size, containing sapphire crystals, which provide durability and allow them to compete on the same level as their European analogues and serve not only as a lighting effect, but above all as a full household and technical lighting.
We suggest an average home energy savings (90%) annualy calculated in case of(12 hours / day)LED lighting .

Approximate number of LED lights used 70 AP / m * 4500 dr. (Installation) = 315 000 AMD. (Expense) 4380 hours (1 year) * AMD 45 (1 w / s price) = 197 100 AMD, the AMD-19710 expenditures and AMD 177 390 in savings.

You will return 100% of your investment in 1 year and 8 months of 6 years of Warranty on electricity savings.The rest of the remaining time you will have LED'-s working for you with 90% economy.
This scheme will not justify itself in case of low quality LED-s, since they have about 20 times less life expectancy, which is why they will not able to return 2500 to 3000 dr. (the installation) spent on one linear meter, will not provide their nominal capacity and would create a neccessity to renovate the apartment again.